About Us

BrandBrahma is a first of its kind unique e-commerce platform, Aimed at providing best brand/business names with host of other branding material at affordable prices.
BrandBrahma is a first of its kind unique e-commerce platform, Aimed at providing best brand/business names with host of other branding material at affordable prices.

Brahma is a god of creation of everything in Hinduism/Sanskrit and hence the name brand brahma means the brand creator literally. Brand Brahma is invented to facilitate new entrepreneurs /startups, existing online businesses with top notch digital contents or branding identities like variety of registered domain names, amazing images and videos.

The Story

It all started with a search of an exact match domain/brand name for our business, I am a serial entrepreneur and having 18 years of amazing work experience in Sale, Digital Marketing & business management. In 2012, When I was preparing to launch my online graphic printed t-shirt business called trendsbay.com I came across this domain name industry or digital content industry. I encountered with so many problems with this sector like There were not a single marketplace for digital contents, Unreasonable pricing, Untrustworthy,Trademark & copyright infringement issues.I struggle a lot to find perfect matching domain and other creatives for my business.

Just to make my work easy I started digging deep in this domain name industry and realized that it is multi billion industry and decided to try my luck. Since, then there is no turn back as I became a regular domain name trader and so far I have collected over 200+ special domain names and sold many. Due to this I got to learn so many aspects of domain name sector and also this habit led to me to study more about digital content market overall. 

According to my observation, Content is the KING and without content there is nothing in this internet age, It is going to play a very important role in driving the economies in this 21st century. According some estimates digital content industry will touch market capital of $563 billion by year 2025 at CAGR 18%.

Due to all above mentioned factors I have decided to create an exclusive marketplace for digital contents like registered domain names, Images & Videos and I named platform as BrandBrahma which translates literally as the brand creator in English.

Cheers !!

Suresh Rathod

Founder & CEO

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Our edge
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Our Brand Names

We have huge collection of short and premium, exact match, generic, brandable for all types of businesses or industry niches.

Pre-Packaged Brand Names

All these brand/domain names will come with a relevant logo file and business idea which includes everything to start a business.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Platform is developed using cutting edge technology with features like brand name generator, brand name appraisal system and logo generator.

24/7 Client Support

We have a dedicated customer support team which works 24/7, Just get in touch with us anytime for anything.

mission and vision

Content is the reason search began in the first place.” “content is the King.” “Content isn’t just king, it’s the kingdom.” “Great content is the best sales tool in the world.”

The Mission of BrandBrahma is to create an exclusive ecosystem for the buyers & sellers of amazing innovative digital contents.

Our Vision is to be the best e-commerce marketplace for digital contents needs across the globe.

Our strategy is to focus on creating fresh & innovative digital contents.