Brahmand is a Sanskrit word means The Universe. This brand name encapsulates whole world in it and greatly associates with fields like space tech | edutech | emerging tech

$8,000.00 $800.00, This wonderful domain/brand name is going to be the next the brand like Avatar because it has all the swagger and charisma to be the best the brand in the world

This Package Includes
  • Domain Name Transfer (
  • Brand Logo files, It means the universe in English. This brilliant brand name not only encapsulates whole world in it but also presents significant branding opportunities, This is an iconic, divine, powerful, Sanskrit and premium brand-able domain name will definitely bring lots of luck, charm and trust to your brand. This top of the world brand name is authoritative, amazing to pronounce and spell, builds an instant impression in the user mind.

The Business Idea
  • To name an emerging tech company
  • To name a movie project like Avatar
  • To name an edutech/learning app