CALIPERLAB.COM, A caliper is a type of measuring tool that measures the distance between two opposite sides of an object. Calipers are meant for measuring thicknesses and internal or external diameters inaccessible to a scale.


$30,000.00 $12,000.00, This is an invented and exact match domain/brand name, suitable for wide range of business ideas, has great potential to become a successful brand name.

This Package Includes, This is a two word invented generic and exact match domain name, It has great sound and feel for a brand name, caliper is a measuring tool and very popular word in manufacturing industries. It focuses on hardware manufacturing industry and which is ever green sector. It has wide range of branding opportunities because it is strong, powerful and authoritative brand name.

The Business Idea

  • To name a B2C website for tools and accessories
  • To name a foundry
  • To name a manufacturing unit