In India, this word has the great potential to be sensational brand name because the sound and feel of this word is synonym to very commonly used slang word.


Chutzpah is very famous Yiddish word and it means quality of audacity for good or bad.It is catchy, iconic, easy to remember and brand-able domain name and synonyms with Dare devilry & bold attitude.

This Package Includes

  • This is a classic middle eastern domain name
  • Brings amazing branding opportunities
  • It is catchy, easy to remember and brand-able
  • It synonyms with words dare devilry and bold attitude
  • In India, It matches one the famously used word
  • It is authoritative and commanding keywords

The Business Idea

  • To name a social media site 
  • To name a gaming/energy/power app
  • To name a fashion brand for teenagers
  • To name B2C website exclusively for youngsters.