EVXPS.COM is for sale
EVXPS.COM, This is a 5 letter short, acronym domain/brand name which means Electric Vehicles Express | Experts | Expedition etc. EV is an emerging vehicle technology. EV is the next big revenue booster for the automobile industry.



EVXPS.COM, It is an intelligently invented brand/domain name is short for electric vehicle express/expert. This is an iconic, meaningful, easy to remember and definitely brand-able. Also it focuses on the EV technology which is going to be next big thing in automobile sector. Therefore, It qualifies as a premium brand name in the EV sector.

This Package Includes
  • Domain name transfer : EVXPS.COM
  • Brand Name logo files
  • Tagline Idea


  • EVXPS.COM, It is short for Electric Vehicle Express | Experts | Expedition
  • This amazing 5 letter domain name is short, premium and easy to remember.
  • Contains most sought after keywords of emerging technology ie electric vehicles.
  • It is unique, powerful, meaningful and authoritative.
  • The Global EV market Size stands at $163 billion & It is going to reach $803 billions by 2027
  • It is brings tremendous business/branding opportunities.

The Business Idea

  • Naming a Electric Vehicle Brand/Tech startup
  • Naming a electric charging station
  • Naming Electric rental company
  • Naming a B2C | B2B Electric brand


The Transfer Process


After receiving the order we will start preparing for the transfer domain name by unlocking it our side and also prepare the link for the downloadable logo files.

Authourization code

We will e-mail you the Authorisation code of the domain name and complete transfer and logo files downloading instructions.

Fullfill Order

We will help in every step of transfer process, We will make sure you will receive your domain name within 24 hours of purchase.

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