Kudla.co, This short and special brand name is original name of a city called Mangalore, Karnataka, South India. locals love and admire this name and hence makes it world famous word/term in this city.


$2,500.00 $500.00

Kudla.co, This brand name is the original name of beautiful coastal city called Mangalore. It presents many business/branding opportunities. Also has all the swagger and sugar to become the best brand in this city.

Kudla.co, This is a wonderful business name, It is short, popular, generic and meaningful name. It is not just any brand name it is an original name of popular city of South India called Mangalore. Brand by city name creates lot of easy business opportunities, It can used for any purpose as it encapsulates whole area in it.

The Business Idea

  • To name a local classified website/app
  • To name an online supermarket/grocery store/delivery app
  • To name a tour & travel website/app.