LoverBoy is a two word generic and exact match domain name, This wonderful brand name is a proverb, unique and very brand-able and has great potential to become a hit online brand.

$7,000.00 $1,400.00, This amazing proverb domain name comes with India extension and it is going to be great fit for the business which wants to make it big in men’s fashion | grooming | entertainment etc.

This Package Includes
  • domain name transfer
  • Brand logo files, This meaningful, evocative and easy to remember name is not just a domain name, it is a powerhouse of business opportunities. It makes its intention crystal clear as the next door brand name for fashion | retail business name. LoverBoy is going to be distinct and unique brand name as it radiates power, control and popularity and has great tendency to become next big brand name in the retail sector.

The Business Idea
  • To name Men's fashion | Grooming related brand
  • To name a B2C website for fashion accessories
  • To name a blog for mens fashion
  • To name a rockband/music video