, This brand name is a generic, exact match, trending and brand-able domain name, Suitable for developing a solid solution to parking problems in metropolitan cities.

$5,000.00 $500.00, This is basically a high volume phrase match keyword in the field of parking and hence it has amazing potential to become number one site for parking services providers overnight.

This Package Includes
  • Domain Name Transfer (
  • Brand Logo files is not just any domain/brand name, it is a wonderful business/start up idea itself. This invented or rather created domain name presents significant opportunity to develop a sustainable solution for parking management in the metropolitan area and which a is multi billion business idea. MetroParking is an authoritative and easy to remember brand name which will take your amazing business to new heights.

The Business Idea
  • To name a mobile application for parking
  • To name a B2C website for parking services
  • To name a blog on metro & parking related topics.