OXY means Sharp/Acute and Veda means knowledge in Sanskrit and hence the brand name OXYVEDA means sharp knowledge. It has 100% chances of becoming a successful brand name in any field.


$8,000.00 $2,000.00

OXYVEDA.COM, This amazing Sanskrit brand name brings huge branding opportunities as it is associated with many meaningful words in the field of Herbal/Organic/Ayurveda etc.

This Package Include
  • Domain name transfer ( Oxyveda.com)
  • Brand Logo files

OXYVEDA.COM, This wonderful two word generic, exact match and meaningful domain name is distinctive, unique. this is not just a domain name, it is powerhouse of opportunities. It gives you feeling of divine, powerful and also sounds and spells amazingly. Words like OXY & Veda are associated with sharp, acute, luck, charm and knowledge and because of all this it presents amazing branding/business opportunities.

The Business Idea
  • To name a Learning/AI App
  • To name a lifestyle herbal/organic product brand
  • To name a Ayurvedic/medical/Pharma brand