SHIPDIRECTLY.CO, This amazing domain contains two very specific exact phrase keywords and which makes it the indomitable brand name in the courier industry niche

$2,800.00, This fantastic brand name is pretty straight forward and has the great potential to become next big brand in the logistic Industry.

This Package Includes
  • Domain Name Transfer ( )
  • Brand logo files, This is like the names it all, This is a premium two word and generic brand name and which means and screaming itself out loud ship from store directly to your place. This is innovative, authoritative and commanding business name and brings out lots of business opportunity. It is definitely focussing on courier/delivery industry which is evolving every day and needs innovative and engaging technology.

The Business Idea
  • To name a courier/delivery company
  • To name a freight/shipping/logistic brand
  • To name a blog on shipping/logistic topics