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The Transfer Process


As we soon we receive the order, We will start preparing for the domain name transfer and the downloadable logo files link by unlocking it at our end

Authorization code

We will send you the authorisation code and its downloadable logo files link of to your registered email with the detailed transfer instructions


We will make sure that you will receive your item within 24 hours of purchase and after the delivery we will remove the item from our website.
Girish R
Business Owner

Hi There, I visited brand brahma recently and checked out its products, It has very good collections of business names which are priced reasonably.

Jenny Annison
Marketing Manager

This is a good marketplace which has brand names for all the product or business types, I would like to congratulate the brahma team and definitely recommend this for people the who is looking for some innovative brand names at affordable costs.

Darshan Holla
Full Stack Developer

First thing first, I like BrandBrahma because of its amazing concept. It has some top notch of brand names and the price is also very affordable so Thumbs up from me

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Brahma is a god of creation in Sanskrit and hence BrandBrahma  literally means the brand creator. BrandBrahma is an exclusive e-commerce platform for digital assets like brand/domain names, Images, Videos. We have a fantastic collections of innovative and top notch domain/business names which will make business global overnight so check out now

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