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About BrandBrahma

Brand Brahma is an exclusive marketplace for registered domain/brand names.

We have all the types of brand names like short/premium, generic, exact match, brand-able from across all the industry niche.

We at BrandBrahma, Before creating any brand name we conduct thorough research on the topic/trends, check all the parameters and then select it.

No.These brand names are not trademarked. You can get trademarks on your business/brand names only after registering the business, existing/new business owners can apply for the trademark registration.

How does it work ?

We, At BrandBrahma created unique solution for brand name buyers, It offers different searching options for you, You can just start with keywords or just with the letters you want in your brand name, we categorised all our brand names into 4 major categories and they are as follows: Premium/Short Brand Names | Exact Match Brand Names | Generic Brand Names | Brandable Names and also You can always find/search your brand name by our special feature search by industry type

At BrandBrahma, Every brand names are unique and these will come with special logo files.

Our Brand name delivery process is easy and fast, As soon as you complete the purchase, we will start preparing to transfer domain name by unlocking at our side, We will e-mail you the Authorization and downloadable link of logo files to your email id and complete the order.

Brand Brahma is a third-marketplace. Refunds and exchanges are not allowed once an order has been placed, except in the case that the domain seller fails to initiate the domain name transfer within 7 business days from the time of purchase. Buyers are advised to perform all necessary diligence prior to making a purchase.

Sellers on BrandBrahma

Yes, Of course. You can list your brand/domain name on our marketplace for sale.

To list your domain name for sale at BrandBrahma, You need to create a seller account and start listing your domain name for sale / you can just email your domain names to us we will list you domain name on your behalf.

We charge just 8% commission on your domain name

After deducting commission we will transfer your amount to your registered account or PayPal account.

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