EVXPS.COM, This is a 5 letter short, acronym domain/brand name which means Electric Vehicles Express | Experts | Expedition etc. EV is an emerging vehicle technology and this is going to be big industry because numerous environmental benefits.


$250,000.00 $120,000.00

EVXPS.COM, This wonderful brand/domain name is focusses on electric vehicles which is going to be top transportation solution provider in the world and this makes it the premium brand name.

This Package Includes

  • Domain name transfer ( EVXPS.COM)
  • Brand logo files
  • EVXPS.COM, It is short for Electric Vehicle Express | Experts | Expedition.(EV= Electric Vehicle & XPS = Express )
  • This amazing 5 letter domain name is short, premium and easy to remember.
  • Contains most sought after keywords of emerging technology ie electric vehicles.
  • EV is most sought after emerging technology.
  • It is unique, powerful and authoritative.
  • EVXPS brings amazing branding opportunities.

The Business Idea

  • Naming a Electric Vehicle Brand
  • Naming a electric charging station
  • Naming Electric rental company
  • Naming a B2C | B2B Electric brand