Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Business Names are our main product. Each & every business name on this platform includes a proper domain name, its logo files and a tagline.

The business name is a virtual product which will be delivered in three different phases.

1. domain name transfer which requires an authorisation code sharing

2. Logo file transfer which will be delivered to you through an email

3. Tagline idea transfer

Business Name is an Intellectual property and delivery of such items is a complex process. Hence, Our refund policy is conditional and the refund will be issued only when the buyer agree to the following conditions

  • When the buyer is unable to transfer domain name within 15 days from the order date.
  • When buyers contact us within 24 hours of the purchase with a cancellation request.
  • There will be a charge 5% fee for the cancellation process which will cover our expenses.

No, None of our business names comes with Trademark but we will help you to apply for a trademark post-purchase absolutely free of cost.

The Sanskrit Business Names are our special category where you will find a collection of special curated Sanskrit names for naming businesses for example Nirvana,Moksha, Antriksh etc.

The Premium business names are our most popular and expensive business names and consist of single dictionary words, less than 5 letter commercially viable terms etc for example Uber, Apple, Out, Shop etc.

Exact-matching business names are one of the trending business names at the moment. In this category, you will find names with exact search terms, and relevant and memorable names for your business, for example, Salesforce, Freshworks, healthcare etc.

Brandable Business Names are our one of the leading business names category where you will find a huge collection of memorable, made-up, invented, catchy and highly brandable business names, for example, Infosys, Lyft, Ola, Oyo etc.

The Naming services are our innovative business name-finding services. We specialize in providing unique and memorable names for your business, whether you’re just starting out or rebranding. Our services include both free and premium options, allowing you to choose the package that best fits your needs and budget.

The Business Name Generator is a highly advance AI-powered business name generator which helps you to brainstorm ideas for your business name & tagline.

The Business Naming Contest is our special live service where we will share your desirable business name requirements with the creator/reseller community across the globe which gives you absolute power to locate the perfect name for your dream venture.

The business name-finding service is our special service where the Industry experts will help you to find the right business name, domain name and other basic assets.

The tagline contest is of live service where will share your desirable tagline requirement with the creator community across the globe which gives you the power to find amazing taglines for your product | brand | business | startup.

Yes, Of course. If you are interested to sell your domain name please send us your portfolio at

There are multiple ways to reach us out

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