Kaleidocube.com, This is an invented domain/brand name but it is 100 % matching with purpose. It is iconic, easy to remember, innovative and brand-able.


$6,000.00 $2,000.00

KaleidoCube.com, This innovative is made up of joining two powerful word Kaleido & Cube. It means rainbow colored cube. It brings many branding/promotional opportunities with it and has great potential to become most successful brand in the workspace sector.

This Package Includes

  • Kaleidocube.com ( Domain Name Transfer )
  • Brand logo files

Kaleidocube.com. This is an innovative brand name exclusively created for the purpose of naming a workspace | business centre | coffee cafes. It is beautiful yet strikingly amazing brand name encapsulate world of workstations and revolves around the work infrastructure. this two word domain name brings lot of branding opportunity as it is short, crisp, unique and easy to remember. It's cosmopolitan pronunciation and sound makes it a must have brand name in the workspace sector.

The Business Idea

  • To Name a WorkSpace/WorkStation
  • To Name a business center
  • To Name B2B website for co-working space
  • To name a coffee cafe