Silvery Nanos is a Nanotechnology solution which applying on toilets once, one gets Infectionless, Waterless, Odourless, Clean and Hygienic toilets for months. It's a transparent solution which forms a transparent thin film on toilets providing it an antibacterial, anti fungal and anti biofilm surface.


$25,000.00 $13,000.00, This amazing domain name can be used to name business which is involved in any of the following businesses Sanitary ware/ Chemical/Health/Hygiene.

This Package Includes

  • Domain Name Transfer (
  • Brand Logo files

Silvery Nanos, This wonderful chemical agent can be very attractive business/brand name because it incapsulates the whole world of sanitary ware, health & hygienic industry.It is a two word generic and exact match domain name, comes with tremendous branding opportunities. It is easy to remember, iconic, popular and premium. also it spells and sounds amazing as a brand.

The Business Idea

  • To name a Sanitaryware Brand/B2C Website
  • To name a Health / Hygienic related startup
  • To name a B2C/B2B for chemicals